IELTS Scholarships – for Indian Students

The IELTS Scholarship is provided for eight successful Indian students by the British Council, India. These students who obtain a good IELTS score on their IELTS test and wish to pursue a post-graduate course from any university abroad will be eligible for this scholarship. This incentive was started by the British council to promote global sharing of ideas and knowledge. The students selected for this program will receive Rs.3,00,000 to cover for their tuition fees. This will help the students who are interested in studying abroad and will encourage many others too. The scholarship is available only for the academic IELTS test and not for the general one or the one taken for the sake of immigration purpose.

This scholarship is however only available for those keen on pursuing post graduation studies with courses intended for a full-time curriculum. Also, the university the student is applying to must accept IELTS as a part of its admission requirements and to test the English proficiency of the students. This exam, which was introduced about twenty years ago, is now becoming widely popular. Every year, around 1.5 million students from 125 different countries write this test and the numbers are increasing every year. More than 6,000 universities all over the world accept IELTS academic test scores as a criterion for admission into their academic programs. Of these, more than 2,500 are U.S. universities. All universities in Canada, Australia and most of them in U.K. also accept the IELTS score for admission purposes.

The scholarship aims at providing opportunities for Indian students as well as improves higher education ties with India and other countries. The IELTS test is managed by the British Council, IELTS Australia and the ESOL Examinations.

To Avail the Scholarship, one has to:

1) Take the IELTS test and obtain the good IELTS scores.

2) Download the application form for the scholarship from the British Council website, fill it and submit it before the deadline.

3) Out of all the applications received, 40 will be short-listed. They have to prepare for an interview in which they have to prepare for a ten-minute presentation on the topic that will be chosen by the examiners.

4) After the presentation, eight out of the forty will be selected; they must submit their letters of acceptance from the universities they plan to attend.

5) Failure to submit the acceptance letters will result in elimination of one’s name from the list of short-listed students.

6) One should meet the conditions of the organization, be a citizen of India, should have a valid IELTS score above the band of 6.5.

7) The candidate must be applying for any post-graduate course outside India for that academic year.

8) One must have taken the IELTS test only with the British Council and provide the acceptance letter without fail.

9) If one is awarded a full scholarship by the university, then one must inform the British Council so they can withdraw the scholarship and confer it on another deserving student.


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