Tackling Different Sections Of The Ielts

The IELTS test is split into four divisions, called the sections that comprise of, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. All sections are compulsory and candidates must attempt to write all questions in all the sections to score a good band score. The difficulty level of all the sections is equal. There are different ways to prepare for each section, these are discussed below:
How to prepare for the Listening Section:

To score well on the Listening section, one has to practice how to listen with attention and answer the various question types. Such Practice tests will help one become familiar with the pattern of the listening section, for ex, what sort of questions and format to expect during the actual exam.
The various types of questions that could appear in the listening section of the test are:
  • Sentence completion ;
  • Multiple choice questions;
  • Short answer questions;
  • How to label a map or plan;
  • Matching style questions;
How to prepare for the Reading Section:

To ace the Reading section, one has to read carefully and comprehend the context of the reading text and learn to spot the answers quickly and efficiently. From the preparation materials one can expect to learn about the format of the questions in this section. Tuning one’s reading skills is very crucial in scoring well in this section.
The Reading Section contains more or less these types of questions:
  • Writing title of the passage;
  • Short answer question;
  • Sentence completion questions;
  • True or false questions;
How to Prepare for the Writing Section:
The writing test is an important part of the IELTS test, and it has a major role in determining the applicant’s credibility. One has to improve on one’s writing skills, along with various grammar rules and parts of speech. Brainstorming for ideas is the right key to do well in this section. Practice tests must be taken to write answers that are clear and focused and finish them on time.
To prepare for the writing section, one has to lay emphasis on:
  • The style of language to be used in the essays;
  • Effective ways to get ideas;
  • Planning the essay;
  • Writing different type of writing letters;

How to prepare for the Speaking Section:

For doing well on the Speaking section, one needs to stay calm and composed while answering questions. Many people tend to panic while attending interviews and this could be avoided by a few tips and practices. Sample tests will teach one what kind of questions are frequently asked, how to prepare for them and what the interviewer is looking for.Link

One has to prepare for the following:
  • Answering general and introduction questions;
  • Techniques for preparing a full and proper response;
  • How to give a good answer;
  • How to answer more complex questions effectively.


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