The Canadian IELTS Examination – Important Facts

Canada is a country that keenly welcomes immigrants from all over the world to work or study there. The Canadian government, in order to tighten the visa procedures, has kept a high IELTS score as a criteria for immigration purposes. But, since this stops many future immigrants to study or work there, they have decided to lower the minimum score that is required to gain entry in to the country for immigrants.The government has also decreased the IELTS band requirement criteria for Canada Skilled worker Immigration points.

The country now requires an IELTS score of 4 points for immigration to foreigners.

To obtain 4 points, one has to score only a band 6.5 in the IELTS examination. Previously applicants obtained 4 points only if they got above band 7, which is not the case now. Only the Listening section requires a band 7.5, which has not been changed. This means more people can immigrate to Canada and work or study there.
Now one can get 16 points for immigration by having the following minimum band in IELTS. The minimum bands for each section are as shown below:

Writing: Band 6.5
Reading: Band 6.5
Speaking: Band 6.5
Listening: Band 7.5

Under the Federal Skilled Worker Category and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Canadian Immigration Visa Officers require that immigrants show their language proficiency in either one of the two languages, i.e. English or French. To do so, each applicant must take an IELTS exam or a Test d'Evaluation Français (TEF) exam. IELTS and TEF results help the Visa Officers find out if the applicant has sufficient English or French language ability for proper integration into the Canadian society and the Canadian workforce.
To demonstrate the English language ability, the IELTS results must be submitted to the Visa Officer who will be able to objectively evaluate the language skills of the applicant. For Citizenship and Immigration to Canada, IELTS results are considered the only conclusive proof of English language proficiency.
To enroll for an IELTS examination, one has to check the website of the British Council or the Canada Immigration office in one’s country. Later, one needs to contact one’s local IELTS test centre to find out the dates when one will be able to take the test and what the cost will be. Then, downloading and completing the application form should be done and it must be sent it the local IELTS centre along with two passport size photos, a copy of one’s identification, and the payment in check or demand draft.


Each candidate will obtain a score for each section of the exam, i.eListening, Reading, Writing, Speaking on a Band Scale ranging from 1 to 9. In order to be awarded the maximum 16 points that are necessary for immigration to Canada, the English language ability needed for the Federal Skilled Worker application, one will have to score a 7.5 or higher in the Listening section and a 6.5 or higher in the other three sections.


Shavin Earthy said...
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Shavin Earthy said...

Precise !! Thank You . I have a doubt . I have 1 year work experience and 7 band in IELTS . But i had arrears during college and i have cleared them already . My doubt is will the arrears i had may lead to deinal of my application for doing Masters in Canada . And also will the work experience gain me any points . Pls get me some answers , coz i wish i study , work and live there in Canada . Thank You

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